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BlackBerry Repair

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BlackBerry Screen Repair

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BlackBerry Battery Service

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BlackBerry Camera Lens Repair

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BlackBerry Back Glass Repair

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BlackBerry Charging Port Repair

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Liquid Damage Cleaning Service

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Software Repair

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Mobile Phone Data Recovery

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Not Sure What Is Wrong? – Phone Diagnostics

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Opinions about BlackBerry repair service

  • Nurys was a great help, she’s wonderful.

    Shawn Mint Avatar Shawn Mint
    3 4 月, 2022

    So I recently went to go fix my mouse button since it was cracked and m phone was working fine until a day or two later my phone wouldn’t turn... read more

    Michael Aguilar Avatar Michael Aguilar
    3 7 月, 2022

    Excellent customer service. Certified Master Device Technicians. Knowledge & Precision. Any device, smartphones, tablets, laptops (windows or apple), Playstation, Xbox, etc. And a variety of accessories and phones, computers, gadgets... read more

    chon stx Avatar chon stx
    3 5 月, 2022
  • The lady who took care of my phone was very friendly and quick! I broke my screen that morning and had it fixed good as new in less than an... read more

    Ciera Bertine Avatar Ciera Bertine
    3 4 月, 2022

    Amazing prices and good customer service with good energy! Lol and can’t beat the service and prices!

    Davina Allick Avatar Davina Allick
    3 7 月, 2022

    The sweetest customer service on the south side of Charlotte Nurys hit her up if any device problems

    Roshad Baker Avatar Roshad Baker
    3 4 月, 2022
Carefully Checked Before Return

All devices are quality tested after the repair.

Free Insured Return Delivery

Tracked postal return of your device. Get it back on time.

Our Repairs Come With Warranty

Fixfactor cares after the repair. Terms and conditions apply.

Send your BlackBerry …

1-5 days turnaround for BlackBerry repair when you post it. Choose service from the website, enter your details and send it.

… or bring it in for same day repair

Book an appointment for your BlackBerry repair in our store. Get it fixed while you wait, usually in under 2 hours.

BlackBerry repair specialist

Welcome to quality BlackBerry repair service in London. We have been mastering BlackBerry repair skills since day one we have opened 7 years ago and we are proud to offer you truly comprehensive service for most problems with your Apple iPhone.

We fix iPhone 13 phone with any problems including broken screen, charging port problem, battery issues, broken camera lens or when your iPhone does not power at all. Each repair is considered separately with emphasis to quality of the service.

We always aim to fix your iPhone while you wait. Each BlackBerry repair job starts with diagnostic to confirm that the proposed solution will help. We promise to repair your device as quickly as possible. Highest quality repair service guaranteed.

Select the iPhone 13 repair type. If you cannot find the service that you need, let us know. Choose the way how you want to get it repaired – by post or while you wait in the store.

We care also after the repair. All our repair services come with warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed ! Don’t just take our word for it, read what customers say on Google or Trustpilot.

We fix common technical issues

Each repair we start with diagnostics to localise
source of faults and apply correct solution.

Micro Soldering Repair

Board level repair using microscope. We resolve problems that others cannot fix. We have the best equipment available for this kind of repair.

Broken Screen Repair

BlackBerry broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 2 hours.

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with your BlackBerry charging port and replace it if faulty. The repair usually takes 1 hour.

Camera and Lens Fix

Broken camera lens or autofocus issues with your BlackBerry back camera, repair takes less than 1 hour.

Back Panel Repair

Bend frame, side buttons not working or just too many scratches will be remove when we remove the back panel frame. Please tell us the color of your BlackBerry phone.

Battery Replacement

If your BlackBerry is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The repair takes around 1 hour and requires booking.

Frequently asked questions

What quality replacement parts do you use to fix iPhone ?

We use highest quality replacement parts to fix your iPhone. All parts are tested before we fit them. Screen replacements are iPhone same specification, expect perfect repair.

Will my phone stay waterproof after repair ?

We use highest quality parts and bonding material but we cannot be responsible for your waterproof phone to be water resistant after repair as this is a subject to the manufacturer’s internal tests when they manufacture the phone. Although we believe that it should be water resistant to some degree, you expose it to water at your own risk.

Do you offer warranty on all iPhone repairs ?

We offer warranty on all hardware repairs except liquid damage. The warranty covers parts and labours. Software repairs can be guaranteed but depends on the problem. You will be informed once we diagnose the problem with your phone.

Are your iPhone repair prices negotiable ?

Please tell us how much you can pay for the phone repair. In many cases we can offer you a discount. Yes, we are open to negotiations.

How long does it take to fix my iPhone if I send it ?

There are few factors determining time of the repair. For services that we have parts in stock, we are return it fixed within 5 working days or for next day if you choose priority repair. For water damaged phones, diagnostic service or software issues, the repair may take few days. If we need to get parts for the repair, this may take also few more days. Always contact us first to avoid the disappointment.

Do you delete data from the phone when you repair it ?

We never delete your data. Your files stay intact for the whole process of the repair. Although we ask you for the password, we only use it to test the phone after repair. We guarantee the discretion. Please check our privacy policy. At the same time, we are not liable for your data loss if that happens as a result of unforeseen complications.

What if my iPhone cannot be repaired ?

Once we receive the phone for the repair, we will check the problem by running if thought set of diagnostic tests. If we find that the phone cannot be repaired because of the damage being too complex, we will inform you about this and ask for a diagnostic fee. If we fail to repair your device and this is our fault, we don’t charge you and we will return the device for free. This includes if the repair take longer than we agreed, when we order wrong replacement parts or if we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. In such cases, you have the right to cancel the repair and request the return. Those are very rare situations as we treat each repair individually.